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Thread: Hardware Requirements (General)

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    Hello Support,

    Assume we have 7000 tags, 6000 are Modbus TCP tags and 1000 belong to Math variable type. Further assume that we have around 500 screen switch functions and few allocations ( lets say 10)

    What should be the minimum hardware parameters to smoothly run Zenon Runtime having above configuration. A quad core 1.7 GHz processor having 8 Gb RAM will suffice ?


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    Hello Shikra,

    Thanks for your post.

    First, I would suggest you have a look in the documentation:
    Manual -> Installation and updates -> System requirements -> Hardware requirements

    As a personal comment: with typical and reasonable configurations, I think this hardware should have no problems with a project like this. However, since zenon is so flexible, much of it comes down to how this project is configured. There are definitely some strategies you can pick-up in a basic zenon training about recommenced ways to engineer the HMI/SCADA project, best practices, etc. Topics like utilizing multiple driver instances, offloading complex or heavy calculations to the zenon Logic IEC 61131-3 soft PLC engine, etc., etc.etc.

    I see nothing wrong with these number, but if you are in-doubt, contact your local copa-data support team for guidance.

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