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    Hi support team,

    I need again your help..How can I count the change of value.. I want to count every change of my online variable.. is it posiible?

    have a nice day..

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    louis.paglaiccetti Gast

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    Hi faith.oz,

    Could you provide some more information? When you say "online variable", what do you mean exactly? I would suggest that you look into option #1, in combination with a zenon Report.

    With standard zenon functionality, maybe you can accomplish this with these ideas:

    1. With the zenon Historian, not only can you count variable value changes, you can also record them for later analysis. You can create an archive that will automatically record all values changes (On change/Spontaneous Recording Type), then use the zenon Report Module, Extended Trend Module, or the Archive Revision screen type to get a count of the value changes

    2. Another idea would be to use zenon Logic (IEC 61131-3) soft PLC. With some simple PLC logic, you should be able to catch the value changes, and increment a separate internal counter variable.


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    You can use reaction Matrix with one entry on any value and every Change of value to be executed. Then create an internal variable for counting the changes of value and a function that adds +1 to this variable. Link the function to the single entry in the reaction Matrix. Link the reaction Matrix to the variable witch you want to Count the changes of value.
    (sorry for my english, hope you understand what I mean )

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    in reaction matrix (type multi-numeric) do not forget to activate checkbox 'treat each change of value as new limit violation'

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    Thank you all,

    I solved the problem with Reaction Matrix.. It was easy thaks to you..

    have a good day...

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