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Thread: SetMemCfg & milliseconds

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    Default SetMemCfg & milliseconds

    Hello support team.

    In this post I found content description of online variable value for shared memory.

    As I can see, it has not field for milliseconds.

    So is it impossible to use milliseconds with SetMemCfg mechanism?

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    Default Re: SetMemCfg & milliseconds

    Hello support team.

    Should I treat silence as no-answer (I already find that, quote, "no, the definition of the struct is done hardcoded in the zenon source code")?

    In that case there is another question:
    Do you have a plan to add, for example, SetMemCfgEx function with full set of variable fields, with milliseconds?

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    martins Gast

    Default AW: SetMemCfg & milliseconds


    honestly, I've never used this one - at first glimpse it looks like there is no support for milliseconds... I know some people have used it though - maybe one of these reads this request here.

    Sorry I can't tell you more.

    best regards,

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