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Thread: VBA macros to Macro list renaming in 7.x version

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    Default VBA macros to Macro list renaming in 7.x version

    Hello support team.

    I want to discuss new 7.x version renaming. Can you comment renaming from VBA macros into Macro list in project tree Programming interfaces item?

    It looks like to new user it will be hard to find where VBA code is located.
    Additional points to the muddle are Macro prefixes in external VSTA procedures.
    So now Macro list looks closer to VSTA then to VBA code.

    I think it will be better to have VBA word in name of Macro list item again.
    For example, "VBA macro list" is much better then just "Macro list".

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    martins Gast

    Default AW: VBA macros to Macro list renaming in 7.x version


    first of all - thanks for the feedback it is always good to see what people are thinking about the product and I feel like it is a good approach to start talking here in the forum. I hope other people could join here as well.

    I was not involved in this decision but I feel the idea was to rename it from VBA Macros to Macro list to make people aware that not only VBA macros can be found in that list. Since 7.10, you can also filter for VBA/VSTA macros or search for them by their name.

    The prefixes could maybe be something to add to VBA macros as well to further distinguish them from VSTA methods. I could also imagine to have a discussion to rename the toolbar itself to VBA/VSTA macro list or something like this.

    Looking forward to read further suggestions.

    best regards,

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