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    Hi support team,
    I am trying to send message through zenon 7.0 to my gmail account.
    I enabled the pop in my mail settings & did the configurations in zenon.
    created functions send message and message activate.
    defined user.
    Please find the attached snaps.
    I am not able to receive mails in my mail account.
    In zenon diagnosis viewer it says creating SSL/TSL method failed.
    Please tell me if i am wrong in configurations
    Thanks in advance.
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    louis.paglaiccetti Gast

    Default Re: Message control - SMTP

    Hello jahidbagwan,

    I have attached a sample screenshot that works when sending SMTP mails from zenon 7.11 by using gmail for example.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails zenon_gmail_smtp_config.png  

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    louis.paglaiccetti Gast

    Default Re: Message control - SMTP

    Hello jahidbagwan,

    In summary, give it a try if you activate (check) the option "Use APOP for authentication".


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    a.oprean Gast

    Default Re: Message control - SMTP

    I did the configurations in zenon as in the example above, and I also enabled pop in my email settings, but I am getting the next error: APOP Authentication is required but the Server did not send APOP Data.

    What am I doing wrong?
    Thank you!

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    martins Gast

    Default AW: Message control - SMTP


    best idea is maybe to look up if there is some documentation from your e-mail provider how to configure e.g. Outlook or Windows Mail for receiving and sending mails. In general, the settings are name pretty much the same in Outlook and in zenon so it should be easy then to link this information to how to configure SMTP in zenon.

    For some more well known providers, there is a list on the internet (unfortunately in German, but you should still be able to understand some information):

    Otherwise, you could also tell us your provider and we could help you search for the right configuration

    best regards,

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