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Thread: IEC-101 serial Protocol

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    Default IEC-101 serial Protocol

    Dear Support Team,

    I am trying to configure IEC-101 protocol in zenon7.0.
    When I try to import the variable, it is showing the message like "General interrogation is running...(2 items recieved)" (Ref: Interrogation.jpg). This process is continuously running, but nothing is imported and process also will not be stopped still we cancel.
    Please refer the attached snaps for configuration done in RTU and SCADA side.
    Please clear the following thing about IEC-101,
    1. Is the configuration done in the SCADA is correct....?
    2. Can we import the variable in IEC-101...? If it is not possible then how can we create a tags for this protocol...?
    Your Quick reply will be very helpful for me...

    Best Regards,
    A. Navaneet.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Appln Layer.png   Data Layer.png   Interrogation.jpg   SCADA_General_Setting.jpg   SCADA_Basic_Setting.jpg  

    SCADA_Com_Setting.jpg   SCADA_Connection_Link_Setting.jpg   SCADA_Connection_Sector_Setting.jpg  

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    Default Re: IEC-101 serial Protocol

    Your settings in driver about 870-101 seems to fit slave's settings on screenshot. Thus the reason is probably on Data Link Layer (the COM connection with slave) not on Application Layer (field sizes etc. seem to be identical).

    A. The driver cannot establish well, stable data link layer connection to Slave
    B. Slave does not react on General Interrogation (ASDU<100>) command.

    These 2 "received items" in driver's message are not really received - by online import driver always creates by itself some items for additional variables you then can create to have information about connection state and for manual GI command.

    ad A. please check if the driver and slave are using the same 'baud rate'. And if the slave is using rest of data link layer parameters like (fix) defined in the IEC60870 Standard (parity: even, stopbit: 1, startbit: 1, databit: 8). I know that some slaves are not using per default the settings conform with the Standard (do not ask me why). When you see that the data link layer is configured identically for driver and slave then try to use lower 'baud rate' value, maybe the connection is not good enough.

    ad. B. check in the slave's configuration (first in the Interoperability List) - if it supports General Interrogation command - ASDU<100> with COT=20 ('interrogated by station interrogation'). It is mandatory that a slave supports it, but in devices of some manufactures the user must enable it manually anyway (do not ask me why).

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    Default Re: IEC-101 serial Protocol

    One more thing: when the slave is not reacting correctly on General Interrogation from driver during online import, it will be not possible to communicate with this slave from the zenon Runtime. According the Standard each 60870 session must start with GI command. So even when you create all variables in zenon manually the problem will stay.

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