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Thread: Functionalities of ALARM-blocks in Logic

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    Frage Functionalities of ALARM-blocks in Logic

    I tried to use block ALARM_M in Zenon Logic. How does it connect with alarm in main project? How can I create limit text?
    Here is my testing FB-shema.

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    do you want to produce alarm with always the same text or different texts depending on some process value?

    Typically when the output Q of the FB is true then you can change value of some variable. For example when you have a STRING variable for alarm text you can program following (ST language, 'xxx' are names not visible on your screenshot):

    if alarm_sktp_xxx.Q then
    var_alarm_text := 'alarm is trigged';
    var_alarm_text := '';

    This string variable you can communicate via stratonNG driver to zenon and make a AML or CEL entry using reaction matrix linked to the variable. The reaction matrix can be configured to detect any value <>'' as limit.

    Or you program the solution using some numerical variable and alarm texts in reaction matrix - depending on variable value.

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