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    I am using Modbus RTU and open modbus protocol driver.
    I have connected rs485 devices to TCP converter.
    devices have different ID and converter has unique IP address.
    I am getting data in modscan with converter IP and different device ID.
    Is it possible to use same IP address for different net addresses in zenon?

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    Hi jahidbagwan,

    Yes, this is possible. If the converter supports multiple connections, you can create a connections in the driver configuration, using the same IP address of the converter, and the net address will specify the Modbus Slave ID.

    At the variables you would use the same net address.

    When your converter supports only one or few connections, you can use the Modbus Energy driver. Here you would also create multiple connections in the driver configuration, using the IP same IP address of the converter. In the settings in the driver configuration, you would activate the option "bundle connections to devices with the same IP address", and only one TCP connection to the converter would be established.

    Best regards,

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    Thank you so much.
    it's working fine.

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    Using Modbus energy driver I am able to achieve data.
    One more difficulty is there i am getting data in ASCII format.
    Is there any option other than Zenon logic to convert it in decimal.

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