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    I'm using Zenon 6.22 SP1 and i want to make a popup window when an event occurs. With two YES / NO buttons to activate a boolean variable of a plc.

    As I can do

    thanks greetings

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    louis.paglaiccetti Gast

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    To accomplish this, you would generally do the following steps.

    1. Create a new Template, that you will size and position accordingly.
    2. On the settings of the Template, activate the options for a Border with System Menu. This will allow you to move the Popup around in Runtime.
    3. Create a New Picture, linked to the Popup Template you created in Step 1.
    4. Create your Yes/No buttons on the new Picture. For each button, create & link the function “Send Value to Hardware”. There you define the value (0 or 1) and the variable you are writing to. You will need 2 of those Write Set Value functions.
    5. Create the function to open your Popup ->New function -> Pictures -> Picture Switch
    6. Create the function to close your Popup ->New function -> Pictures -> Close Template
    7. Variable in zenon have limits. The limits are used to evaluate the value of the variable. So if the event variable goes high, meaning Limit 2 (value=1) returns true, you can execute the function linked in the limit (e.g. call your Popup). If the variable goes then low , meaning Limit 1 (value=0), then your popup can be closed automatically.

    Keep in mind, there are usually multiple ways of accomplishing a task in zenon. This is just one idea based on your request.


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    thank you very much

    I'll try try to see if I get. and I tell you

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    Default Popup window with different parameters

    Hello to everyone.
    Sorry for writing in this topic it's just that I wasn't be able to find how to create new one.
    I'm in a very beggining level of learning Zenon but previously had an experience working with another scada. Now I faced with some difficulties, I think it's time to ask for your help.
    The task is following. There is Screen0 that contains a lot of different elements like pumps, flaps, etc. Each element has an invisible button on it. Clicking on one of this button has to open screen1 in frame1 with parametrs individual for each elemet (pump, flap) on Screen0. Frame1 has to change its position depending on the location off an element (pump, flap).
    I would appriciate any advice, thanks in advance.

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    louis.paglaiccetti Gast

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    Hi kateryna,

    If you are looking to open the popup in a special location, there are properties in the frame for that. Check out the properties of your frame itself, there is a section Position.

    Here you can define the following positioning options:

    1. Use absolute positioning - this will always open the frame/screen in the statically engineered position.
    2. Relative to element - this opens the frame/screen relative to the element that calls it open (the invisible button in your case).
    3. Relative to mouse pointer - this opens the screen/frame relative to the mouse click which opens it.

    Note: When opening a frame/screen relative to mouse click or calling element, be sure to pay attention to the Reference Point. To avoid the new popup frame opening directly on top of another frame/screen, you can enter an offset in the property for Horizontal/Vertical Movement in pixels.

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