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Thread: Managing Users settings in Zenon Runtime

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    Hi All,

    Need your Advice to Achieve ...

    At Present, I created Users in the Editor, and if I am Changing Password of these in Runtime or Creating New User, And Restarting Runtime, it is not taking the Changed Value. It hold the Same Password and users created in Editor Only.

    Can anybody Advice, what to Configure in Zenon, so that if we Create New User or change password of any User in the Runtime, then It should hold the New User and settings if Runtime is closed and Restarted again .

    How to Achieve it ??

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Hi daujivar,

    If you are creating users in the Runtime make sure that you don't create new Runtime files before you re-open the Runtime. For example, you can start the Runtime form the startup tool or you could enable the checkbox for compiling the user administration, in the "RT changeable data" settings dialog in the project properties in the editor.



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    Thank you Symeon. It Works.


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