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Thread: Login failed for user 'zenOnSrv'

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    Default Login failed for user 'zenOnSrv'

    Hello support team!

    After some my action in my SQL 2005 database master database was broken.
    So I decided to reinstall SQL 2005 database. I uninstalled SQL2005 database, and then installed database with install.bat of \Additional_Software\SQL Server 2005 Express Edition content of installation DVD.
    Then I imported addUser.sql script with SQL Server Management Studio, so in database Security/Logins zenOnSrv user appears.

    Problem is when now I try to register 6.51 version it cannot go through zenDbSrv registration with Login failed for user 'zenOnSrv' items in windows application log.

    What are correct steps to reinstall SQL 2005 database for 6.51 version?
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    Default Re: Login failed for user 'zenOnSrv'

    May be it will helps:

    In zenDb.ini I found two passwords for one database (in our case it is SPRECHER_DEV database).
    First is in [CONFIG] section and has password as not-encrypted string.
    Second is in [CONNECTION_SQL2005] and has PW field with encrypted password code.

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