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Thread: Colour and infrared sensors

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    Main problem is that PORT_X_VALUE (Colour Sensor is connected to Port X, where X is 0,1,2 or 3) is always equal 0.0 (PORT_X_STATUS is equal 0)

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    hello everybody,
    i have a problem with the colour sensor, i will try discribe exactly what is append.
    in my ev3 hardware i have the follow ports used:
    port 1 : touch sensor
    port 2 : infrared sensor
    port 3: colour sensor
    in zenon logic i created the IO Drivers , when i go online, i made the the follow steps:
    1. I test touch sensor, and is ok
    2. I test the proximity sensor of infrared, with port_1_status with 0 value and mode with 0 too.
    3. the colour sensor is blinking in red colour since begining. the status port have the value 1, when i force the mode to value 1, the sensor blink a blue light one time, and change to red blink again. no any kind of value i have received
    4. the infrared sensor stops working, and status changed to 1.

    I hope someone have the solution, thanks.

    best regards

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    we could reproduce this issue and will investigate it further.
    We will keep you updated

    Best regards

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    I now have V1.3/8.2.101109 running on the EV3.
    Has anybody figured out how to use the sensors?
    I have a coloursensor (6008919) and a combined sensor (6009811) but no idea to get any usefull information.

    I have the Mode, Status and Value variables but don't know which mode to use.
    I found a few things:
    For the combined sensor Mode=0 is working as a distance sensor, and mode 2 gives the buttons on the remote control. I have not found how to get the distance and direction to the beacon.

    The coulor sensor is not reacting at all.
    Any ideas??

    Best Regards,


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