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Thread: License Utility got deleted

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    Default License Utility got deleted


    I am using zenon energy edition 7.00. i have a license for the energy edition.

    I have worked on Zenon with license for few days. Suddenly what happened i don't know license utility got deleted.

    This happened in other PC where it has zenon energy edition 7.00.

    Thanks & Regards

    Vishnu Teja

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    Default Re: License Utility got deleted

    what type of license do you use? (Softlicence / Donlge / Network Dongle)

    What do you exactly mean with "license utility got deleted"?
    Do you miss an application which was available before?

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    Default Re: License Utility got deleted


    im using dongle license

    "Licensing 7.00" application is not available. I'm unable use the dongle license as this application is not there which was available before.

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    Default Re: License Utility got deleted

    this application (LizenzKnd.exe) is normally in the zenon Installation path.
    On my Win7x64 PC C:\Program Files (x86)\COPA-DATA\zenon 7.00 SP0
    Is the LizenzKnd.exe not available there or does it only dissapeared from the Start Menu?

    What do you actually want to achieve with this tool?

    Do you want to enter the license + activation number from your License sheet?
    In case the LizenzKnd.exe is not available you have also the possibility to enter the license from within the zenon Editor.
    In the Menu choose File->Standard configuration -> License product...

    If you want to achieve something different, let us know!

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