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    I want to run two DNP3.0 Process gateways in redundant, so that If one fails other can response. But they both should not respond at the same time.

    I will be running the gateways on seperate machines, having Windows 7 as OS.
    The gateways will be responding to a dispatcher. I do not have the facility of auto turn-over at dispatcher's end. So the turn-over has to be done on the substation level only.

    If this is possible let me know the procedure.

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    Hi Talal,

    Are you using DNP over a serial connection or over TCP with the zenon DNP process gateway?

    If the DNP master on the dispatcher side has no way of switching to a different link whenever a connection fails, I can image this is not an easy task.

    Suppose you are using DNP over tcp with an address of for the primary DNP process gateway running on one of the computers.

    If that computer fails, you need to somehow re-route the traffic from to the ip address of which would be the secondary DNP process gateway running on the other computer.

    best regards,

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