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Thread: SNMP connection problems

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    I am having an issue with zenon 6.51 on a customer Server.

    After the runtime startup the connection to the snmp variables seems to be fine, but a few seconds later it's gone.
    The Diagviewer is not showing errors from the driver.
    If i try a snmpwalk it is replying properly.

    Do you have any tipps for possible causes?

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    Hi Kicker,

    If you have not already done so, you could try activating full logging for the SNMP32 driver to see if that provides any additional information. Also you could use Wireshark to see which OIDs the SNMP32 driver requests and if there are any errors in the response, e.g. an item that does not exist or no longer exists in the MIB database on the SNMP agent.

    When you walk the MIB database of the agent, you would not notice any errors if there is an item missing, as it simply issues "GET" and GETNEXT" until there are no more items.

    When the driver requests a specific item which does not exist, the variable may become invalid. This should however normally result in an error log entry in the logs of the Diagnosis server.

    Best regards,

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    The problem was caused by missing SNMP items at another SNMP32 driver inside the same project, even though there shouldn't be any connection between the three SNMP32 drivers except that they are all connecting to the same hostname.

    I set the driver with the missing items to "simulation" until the problem is fixed.

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