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Thread: Driver problem

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    flajoso Gast

    Default Driver problem

    Hi all,

    I'm having the error message "Module could not be loaded The last error: 0x0000000" when trying to install the driver ELAU Arti NG" from Codesys, wich i have the license for.

    Does anyone know why do i have this error?

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!


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    This driver uses the 3S ARTI communication SDK, and requires two additional Dll files. Without these two Dlls (either in the search path or in the zenon installation directory) the driver will fail to load and produce the error message you see.

    The files are called: "ArtiClient.dll" and "SymArtiClient.dll"

    If you are an Elau customer, you can download these two Dlls (Elau Connector) from the members section on our homepage.

    If you are using a Moeller PLC, you might already have these two Dlls on your PC.

    Else, please contact your PLC manufacturer or 3S-Software for more information on where to obtain these two Dlls for your PLC.

    Please note, that if you plan to run the project on Windows CE, you will also need these two Dlls for the specific platform. (processor-tye + Windows CE version)

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    flajoso Gast

    Default Re: Driver problem

    Hi all,

    thank you Mark, problem solved!

    Best regards

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    flajoso Gast

    Default Re: Driver problem

    Hi all,

    i was wondering if anyone had any experience with Elau MAX-4 controllers, because i got the DLL's needed for the driver to work but i can't collect any data from the controller, neither variable table import. I can ping the controller on port 5000, i can use ELAU diagnostics tool and everything seems to be ok, but from Zenon i cannot comunicate.. any ideas, experiences?

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

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    flajoso Gast

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    Hi again,

    unfortunally i think that i know what is the problem. The ELAU driver needs the symbol file from the controller or project and doesn't work by address mode. I'm now trying to contact the machine manufacturer for the symbol file... that it is only created after program download in the controller...
    How lucky!

    Thanks anyway,
    best regards,

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    Yes, this is true. The symbol file needs to be in the PLC in order for the 3S_ARTI driver to browse the variables and also communicate in general.

    In EpasV4 you can set an option in the project settings to create and download the symbol file. If you have the appropriate version of Epas V4 it might be possible to upload the PLC program from the controller, then set the option in Epas and compile and download the program again.

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