The straton runtime ( not RTK ) seems to stop carrying out cycles after a certain time ( approx. 15 min) . Within the statistical monitor, very high cyclic times can be seen.
The problem seems to be a hardware problem, it has been seen with an AMD Geode with 500 MHz and Windows XP. The Microsoft Performance counter does not work correctly.

The problem can be overcome when using the "Standard PC" windows HAL instead of the "ACPI-PC" HAL. This can be changed either over the device manager on updateing the driver under the section Computer, see screenshot.
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Or the "Standard PC" HAL can be choosen on installing the operating system while pressing F5 during the setup.

Be aware, on changing the HAL to "Standard PC" the RTK ( Real Time Kernel ) can not be used any more.
With the following test program the problem can be detected!