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Thread: Get data from aggregated archive

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    Default Get data from aggregated archive

    Hi support,

    Is that possible to get value from aggregated archive to internal variable?
    My application is I need to get aggregated archive value for mathematic calculation, my thought is get aggregated archive to store in internal variable and calculate in mathematic variable.

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    Hello yitlilee,
    with the report generator you can write values from the archive to internal variables. There is also a zenon function where you can execute the report in the background.

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    Default AW: Get data from aggregated archive

    hello yitlilee,

    you can do this with the Report generator. Maybe it is not even necessary to store the Archive value into an internal variable. You could try and do the calculation directly in Report Generator.
    You will Need the Report functions =Archive() to read the Archive value and =variablerw() to write the value (or the result of the calulation) into a variable.

    Note that even though we´re talking about Report Generator, it is not necessary to actually Display the Report. You can just execute it so it will read and write the values.





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