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Thread: Flashing variable in numerical field

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    Default Flashing variable in numerical field


    I have problem with fields where numerical values are shown. The project is made in Zenon 7.00 sp0.
    On screen there are numerical fields with pressures, flows etc. Numerical values in fields are flashing when variable change value. It is very irritating for operator who is watching SCADA application.
    Variables are spontaneous, connection with PLCs are good, no red squares in fields.
    I checked monitor, monitor is good. Can you give me some answer what to check or what to do to solve this problem?


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    Hi Albert,

    Most likely, the variables linked to the elements that are flashing in the screen, have either a limit configured or a reaction matrix linked, that has the "flashing" attribute set.

    If the elements itself are flashing, rather than the text values, it could also be that these are embedded in symbols and another element, e.g. a combi element, is controlling the display behavior of these elements.

    Also the elements itself have a property that allows linking a variable to the element, to make the element flash in the runtime.

    This is often done to attract an operator's attention for example when a value is outside the normal range or when there is an alarm.

    I hope this information gives you some pointers of things you can check in the editor, why the elements / values are flashing in the runtime.

    Best regards,

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    I check in editor all these things that you wrote. Variables don't have configured limits or reaction matrix. Numerical fields don't have configured in properties some link or variable that make field flashing. Everything is normal.
    I tried to add variable in new numerical field and there is a same problem, but if i change numerical field option "Background color" to "Transparent" then is no flashing in runtime.
    In project properties there is option "Graphic quality", if I change from "Windows Basis" to "DirectX Hardware" and start Runtime, in this case numerical fields are not flashing anymore but some elements(for example: pipelines) are missing from screens.
    Is there some display option that make fields flashing, can you give some proposal? The computer is HP, with i5 2500, 3.3GHz, 4GB RAM, 32-bit Win7, graphics is Intel HD Graphic family, DirectX11. I have video that shows how flashing fields, I can send to you if it will help.

    Best regards,
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