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Thread: Communication Between Zenon to RS Logix-5000

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    Default Communication Between Zenon to RS Logix-5000

    Dear Support Team,

    I am using Zenon 7.00

    I am trying to do the communication between Zenon to RS Logix-5000 with RSLinx Classic gateway using Emulator.

    Allen-Bradley ODVA driver:
    I did the configuration in SCADA as follows,
    1. Driver Configuration (Ref: ODVA Driver_config.jpg):
    I assigned the Net address is "1" and used this same in variable. Is this related with RSLogix-5000 or RS Linx...? If it is, where can I see in PLC side...?
    CPU slot number is "3". This is the slot number assigned in RSLogix-5000 and Emulator (RS-Logix 5000 Controller.jpg). Is this correct...?

    2. Variable Configuration (Ref: Var_Config.jpg):
    Net address is same which is assigned in driver configuration. I assumed the Bit number "0" is the first bit used in RSLogix-5000. Is it correct...?

    3. RSLinx in SCADA machine:
    Emulator (AB_VBP-1) and RSLogix machine (IP: is running (Ref: RS linx sts.jpg).
    Please explain me If I need to do any further settings or correction in the existing configuration.

    Allen Bradley RS-Linx driver:
    Please explain the following things for the configuration of Allen Bradley RS-Linx driver,
    1. I selected the PLC type as a PLC2. Is this correct for RSLogix-5000 run by Emulator...?
    2. Please guide me where can I see the Net address, PLC2 data table address, File number and Element in the RSLogix-5000 or RSLinx (Ref: RS linx sts-Driver.jpg).

    Best Regards,
    A. Navaneet.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Driver_config.jpg   RS linx sts.jpg   RS linx sts-Driver.jpg   RS-Logix 5000 Controller.jpg   Var_Config.jpg  

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