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Thread: zenon CE - BeckhNG.dll could not be loaded

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    I want to use a zenon projekt (V7.0) with beckhoff NG communication on a VIPA CE Touch Panel.
    But at the start of the runtime i get the message "BeckhNG.dll could not be loaded".

    I think I have to install the TcADS Libary on the CE Panel. But I don't know how

    Is this the right solution or what I have to do?


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    Hello Dennis,

    did you transfer the BeckhoffNG.dll via the Update CE Tool?

    For the BeckhNG Driver the TCAds libary is necessary.
    Did you install the TcAdsdllce.dll on the CE Panel?

    Best regards,

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    Hi Dennis,

    Daniela is right. For the BeckhNG driver to work on a Windows CE device some things need to be done.

    - determine the OS version and platform architecture of your CE device
    - install the TCADS communication library on a PC
    - navigate to the TwinCAT\AdsApi\TcAdsDll\CE\setup directory
    - copy the .cab file for your platform to the CE device and execute the .cab file
    (alternatively you can extract the .cab file and rename the files to their correct names)
    - make sure the tcadsdllce.dll is located in the same directory as the zenonrce.exe and beckhng.dll
    - execute the tcamsremotemgr.exe on the CE device and enter the routing information to PC or CE device with the TwinCAT PLC
    - save the registry on the CE device
    - make sure that on the PC or CE device with the TwinCAT PLC, routing information to the CE device with the zenon runtime is also correctly entered.

    On a CE device from Beckhoff the TcAdsdllCE.dll usually is already installed and the Twincat System Service allows you to configure the routing.

    Best regards,

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