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    I want to download an application into a windows CE 5.0 Panel. I already download the Runtime by using the option "Update window CE runtime" of the Zenon editor. I have place this program into "programfiles\Zenon" folder.

    I tried to use the remote transport functionallity to download my application into my panel but it does'nt transfert it into the panel, it stay on my computer under the RT\FILES folder. On the general tab of my application, I have setup the remote transport with the IP address of my panel, I have put an existing path of my panel for the target and I have check CE- project basic path with path of my target. I have check "establish connection" and then "transport all run time files", the files stays in my computer under RT\FILES folder. When I get the status of the remote computer, it's mine! How to I setup the remote computer? I thought it was done on the general tab remote transport setting!

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    in order to transport an application with the runtime files to a CE device you need to place it into the right folder.
    It wont work if the *.exe file is in the folder \RT\FILES.
    You need to place it into the folder \RT\FILES\zenOn\system or into one of the folders mentioned within the remote transport settings of the project.

    Another way to transport the exe file is to add it explicitly to the files to be transfered, within the remote transport settings of the project. This way the file does not need to be within the runtime directory, it could be anywhere else on your system.

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