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Thread: Standard Recipe and string variables

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    flajoso Gast

    Default Standard Recipe and string variables

    Hi all!

    i would like to use string variables within the Recipes (don't know if it is possible with Standard Recipe...), for example:

    Product code: XPTO (Recipe Name, ok)
    Product code_number: 123
    Product Description: bla bla bla (String Variable)
    Product Var: 456 (int)
    Product Var2: 789 (int)
    and so on.

    because i would like that the runtime user could change the product description. I was thinking that i could solve this with REMA (product code -> Text variable) or with a list/combo box... but the problem will be when creating new recipes during runtime...

    Any comments/suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Standard Recipe and string variables

    unfortunately string variables can only be used in recipes when using the recipe group manager module, not in the standard recipes.

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    flajoso Gast

    Default Re: Standard Recipe and string variables

    Ok, thanks anyway!

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