I have an issue with the Zenon Webclient which Im hoping you may be able to help me with. Not an easy one to explain, basically I have two setups which are identical consisting of a Server and single webclient. Both running exact same project, same operating systems, all firewall settings turned off on both systems.

On the first system everything works perfect, however on the second system the webclient does not evaluate any of the non-networked local internal variables. If I plug the first webclient into the second server I get the same problem. So that tends to suggest that the problem is with server or with the synching of project runtime files from server to client.

The Zenon6.ini and the entire internet publishing file settings have been copied from the working system to the other and still no success.

Eventually, I connected the second webclient to the working server and established connection. Checked everything was ok, I then unplugged that webclient without closing the browser and connected to non-working server. Allowed the client to re-establish connection to the server, project files re-synced and everything is now working.

So my issue is will I need to go through this procedure every time I need to connect a new webclient, is it a possible there is a known problem with the webserver version? Are there any other suggestions that may help?

I am using Zenon 7.00 sp0 build 15, web server 7.00 sp0 build 2. Webclients running on Windows XP machines using internet explorer 8. Both Servers running on Windows 7 pro (32bit).