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Thread: Pingstate issue

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    whitetaru Gast

    Default Pingstate issue

    Using Pingstate from SNMP driver,

    I was able to get the ping status (in GUI as well as AML) if I turned ON & OFF the network device.
    Howvever, i was unable to get the status if I turned ON & OFF the network device again.
    And i still can see that Zenon is generating ping commands and get reply from the network device through Wireshark ?

    Is there some settings that i need to do?

    How come Zenon is able to catch the ping status 1 time only?

    Warmest Regards

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    Default Re: Pingstate issue

    - the pingstatus has value "1" and status "SPONT" when in the runtime the remote station is available (again)

    - the pingstatus has value "1" and status "invalid" when in the runtime the remote station becomes unavailable (network interruption)

    - the pingstatus has value "0" and status "invalid" when you start the runtime and the remote station is not available (or has not been available since you started the runtime)

    Using this information you should be able to create appropriate conditions in a reaction matrix where an alarm comes when the statusbit "invalid" is TRUE and clears again when the statusbit "invalid" is FALSE

    In addition to the statusbit "INVALID" you could also evaluate the value of the pingstate variable, to check whether there has been an interruption while running the runtime (value 1 means there once was a connection) or there has never been a connection since starting the runtime (value 0)

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    whitetaru Gast

    Default Re: Pingstate issue

    Hi MarkClemens,

    Thanks! It works. What a great information you have provided


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    Default Re: Pingstate issue

    It seems that on newer Windows versions the pingstate doesn't work properly.
    The "Destination host unreachable." message is not recognized as invalid ping on zenon.

    Is there another possibility to check if a network device is not connected properly?
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    Default AW: Pingstate issue


    which zenon version/build is beeing used?

    There was a bug similar to the behaviour you are describing, which was fixed in 6.51.
    Can you try with the latest build?


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    Default Re: AW: Pingstate issue

    We were using

    Installed Build 16 and it seems to work properly.


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