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    Lächeln 61850 Server


    I would like to use Zenon Logic to provide any Variable I have in Editor as 61850 Variable for other SCADA System.
    Is there a tutorial availabe how to do so? I am using Zenon Logic for the first time.

    I already know that Variables in Editor have to be checked as "Externally visible" that they appear in Logic.

    What to do next?
    *Creating Logic project, but there I have to choose :STRATONNG, STRATON32, IEC870,.. ?
    *How to put my Editor Variables into Logic?
    *What to do that they will be provided / sent as 61850 Variables?


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    Default Re: 61850 Server

    I suppose your aim is not just to see the variables you have in zenon Editor also in the zenon Logic Workbench. I suppose your aim is to give for external IEC61850 Client (running in another SCADA system) your zenon Runtime data - all (or part of) the process variables you are handling in zenon Runtime using e.g. iec870 driver? So we are probably not talking about solution for Editor, but we are talking about the Runtimes

    I suppose you want to use zenon Logic as converter from any other protocol supported in your zenon project to IEC61850 protocol for another system. There is no tutorial for such solutions as they are very individual - depends on the data model.

    First you have to design the data model of your system as SCL-file (demanded by IEC61850 protocol for all IEC61850 Servers). To do this you have to know documents IEC61850-6 and IEC61850-7-xxx.

    Then, I think the best choice would be Logic connected via stratonNG for variables with fast value changes and "shared memory driver" (zenon variable 'externally visible') for variables with "slow" value changes. The shared memory driver (in Logic the driver 'Logic to SCADA connection') has no event buffer, so by values changes faster as 100ms and/or Logic cycle only last value can be transferred.

    In zenon the process variable values to stratonNG variables you can transfer using 'allocations'.

    In Logic, the externally visible zenon variables and the events transferred via stratonNG you can then allocate to variables of Server's data model, e.g. (in ST language):
    UP1_CSWI1_Pos_stVal := any_to_udint( var_iec870_T03_1_300 );
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    Default AW: 61850 Server

    Yes you are aboslutely right, I need to be Server for other SCADA clients.
    And in this case it should be an IEC61850 Server.

    To design a SCL file sounds a bit challenging to me, as I am just a "Protocol User".
    Is there any software or example you could tell me which I could use as help?

    I found a COPA LP tutorial " GETTING STARTED WITH 61850 SERVER" but I think it does not exactly fit my requirements.

    So far I understood following steps:

    *Variables I need to convert have to be marked as "externally visible"
    *These ones I can use in Logic
    *I have to create a SCL File which describes the data model
    *Import SCL file
    *Using any programming language (e.g. ST) to allocate Zenon variables to data model described in SCL file

    Am I right with these steps?


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