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Thread: CEL cyclic export V7.10

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    Default CEL cyclic export V7.10

    I´d like to configure a cyclic export of the CEL into a .csv file.
    I trigger the CEL export function with a time control each 10 seconds for example, which
    works pretty fine.
    After the 2nd execution of the function (after 20seconds) there´s a pop up in the runtime telling that the file already exists. In this pop up I´m able to click No=attach or Yes=overwrite.
    Is there a possibility to avoid this pop up and set this function to "attach" permanently? Can this be done in the project.ini, and if, then how?
    Thanks for your help in advance.
    Regards topo

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    Default AW: CEL cyclic export V7.10

    The popup-window can be avoided by changing a setting in the project properties.
    Project properties > Runtime settings > Runtime messages for > Replace files (untick).

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