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Thread: Pass parameter value to the script

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    Default Pass parameter value to the script

    Hi all!

    Is it possible to pass parameters values from zenon runtime to the VBA procedure?
    For example: I have procedure:
    Public Sub Proc (byVal int As integer; byVal str As string)
    End Sub
    And I want write different values in variables "int" and "str", when macro is executed.

    Regards, Sabbonis

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    martins Gast

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    little hack how to do this at the moment:

    - create macro with no parameters
    - create function "Execute VBA macro" in the editor
    - select the macro
    - in the tag section, add your values (see screenshot)
    - open VBA editor and add same amount of parameters like in the zenon function

    I also added a screenshot where you can see a small sample.

    hope that helps,
    best regards,
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails funct.PNG   testscreen.PNG  

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