When I'm using the system variable "last open picture" to see, which picture has been opened last, this works fine for one project, after I have set the "main templates" in the project configuration. When I start a multi-hierarchical project however, this doesn't work for the sub-project although I have set the main-templates in this project, and also the variable "last open picture" is available. When I set the sub-project as a startproject however, the last open picture is displayed.
When you use the "last open picture" in a multi-hiearchical project structure, the main-templates for the sub-projects must also be defined in the integration project. The variable in the sub-project is then correctly written. However this can not be done through the GUI.

Open the "project.ini" from the SQL directory of the integration project, and add the main templates by hand.


integration project templates for "last open picture" (main templates):
sub-project templates for "last open picture" (main templates):

project.ini settings: