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    I have a problem with my project. Now I can not access to Function/Script. It always display "Unhanded Exception" ,, log the even to zenon32.txt and exit software
    But the function still work normally in runtime.
    Could somebody give me some advise?
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    Your project in Editor, and/or Workspace, is probably corrupted; have you had some power failures or HW problems on your development PC? Are you using some VBA making changes on this project in Editor?
    The info OS stores in crash-files is not suficiant for diagnosis.

    When you have a project backup you can try if it helps to create new Workspace and restore the backup as new project. Then when new project works (and is complete) you would have to exchange project on Runtime PCs. Or you can try to restore the backup as the same project but on another PC with installed Editor where you never had this project yet.

    You can also send the project backup to your local Support and ask to clear what is the reason and to rescue from project as much as possible.

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