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Thread: Access ZenOn server tags

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    Default Access ZenOn server tags

    We have ZenOn server running and it works well. I am wondering if there is a way to access ZenOn server tags by a different ZenOn server project?

    For example, ZenOn server B access ZenOn server A internal tags. A and B are completely two different servers and projects. Is this possible?

    Thank You

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    louis.paglaiccetti Gast

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    Hello abcd1234,

    Thanks for your post. There are actually a few ways in zenon to accomplish this task.

    A common method in zenon is to make use of the Multi-Project abilities. Basically, you could create a parent/roof project we call an "Integration project". One level lower would be your ServerA and ServerB projects. Then tags are accessible across projects when access from a runtime which starts the Integration project.

    Have a look in the zenon Help under: Manual -> Project and workspace -> Integration project

    Another option would be to use of the zenon Process Gateway, which is an optional module and can be thought of as an add on to the runtime. In this way the zenon Runtime and all tags within (internal & external) can be exposed and the zenon Process Gateway can act as: Modbus Slave, OPC UA Server, SNMP Agent, DNP3 Slave, and a few others. Then you could use the zenon drivers to poll to zenon Servers.

    Have a look in the zenon Help under: Manual -> Process Gateway.

    Another good overview of the Process Gateway is here:

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    Default Re: Access ZenOn server tags

    Where I can find the detailed information on setup settings according to the first method. Probably you place an example of the distributed project with a configuration which was described by abcd1234. It would be very good because we plan creation of distributed systems like a MicroSCADA ABB systems with Mirroring.
    Thank You.
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    louis.paglaiccetti Gast

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    The configuration of the integration project is actually pretty straight forward. However, if you are using zenon version 7.00 or newer, this capability requires a zenon Supervisor license type.

    Additionally, check out the zenon Demo Projects delivered with the zenon DVD This is installed by default and is a great example consisting of 1 global project, 1 integration project, and 4 sub-projects!!

    You can also check this YouTube video, for a short video description:

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