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Thread: Unhandled exception

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    Default Unhandled exception

    when the HMI- SCADA system run after completing windows boot up an error massagge come which shown as "AN unhandled exception has occoured , an error file has been written. Please restart Zenon and send the error file to COPA-DATA support "

    The error file name is
    c:\Program Files\zenOn550\Zenrt32.TXT

    ZenOn version 5.50 SP3 June 2002
    copyright COPA-DATA Gmbh
    Ser no. 1011805.13080.0.0

    At first we thought the program may be corrupted then we restore the system again from back up ISO file but same problem occure.
    I send you a attach file

    Please help us to find out the solution

    Thanks and Regards
    Thermax Group
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    I guess the best solution for your problem here is to get in contact with your distributor where you purchased your zenon License as they can supply you with a build setup which may fixes your problem.

    best regards,

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