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Thread: Freezing screen in runtime

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    Default Freezing screen in runtime


    I made upgrade project from V6.22 to V7.00. Project is upgraded normally without errors.
    In Runtime when I pushing buttons that switch screens faster (clicking on buttons every seconds) after few switching the screen is freeze and not possible any action. If I pushing buttons with interval of 5 seconds everything works normally. After freezing I must terminate Runtime in Task Manager.

    In LOG file I found error that is maybe related with this: 100ms Timer has not cycled for 288960ms 0003 .\ZENONRT.CPP 0007 CZenonrtApp::MonitoringThread 0004 396

    In Zenon 6.22 Runtime there is no problem that kind.

    If anybody have solution please write.

    Albert Nemet

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    Default Re: Freezing screen in runtime

    Such freezing issues (together with the mentioned error message in the log) are mostly due to VBA.

    You can disable VBA by editing the file "zenon6.ini", and change in the section [VBA] the setting to EIN=0, and then restart the runtime. If the runtime then works normally, you need to check your VBA code.

    You mave also have a look into the help documentation at the chapter
    Manual -> Project conversion
    where you can find detailed information what has changed in the according newer versions


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    Default Re: Higher CPU load Error

    I've created a VSTA logic to write values in a text file. The same file will be copied by another Server PC, frequently. No Runtime error was encountered when running zenon as a standalone model. But when integrating with server PC, CPU load gets increased and results in the errors which are listed in the attachment.  
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails ErrorDueToCPU_load.png  

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