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Thread: Doubt: Reading the contents of variables on "ZENONEMPFANGEN" table

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    nuno_duarte Gast

    Daumen hoch Doubt: Reading the contents of variables on "ZENONEMPFANGEN" table

    Hello Copa-Data Team!
    As you can see we are working hard on Zenon, but sometimes we found some doubts about certain things and we look your help to solve it.
    So, right now, we need some more clarifications about the way that sql driver reads the content's variable on "ZENONEMPFANGEN" table.
    We tested this procedure and it seems that sql driver only reads the first row on "ZENONEMPFANGEN" table... It's true?
    We believe that it is possible to read the others rows but the test that we did it just read the first one.
    The test we did was as follows:

    On Sql driver we created the following variables:
    - var1Send, marker=1
    - var2Send, marker=2
    - var10Rcv, marker=10
    - var11Rcv, marker=11

    On "ZENONEMPFANGEN" table, we have var10Rcv and var11Rcv with different values and we want to read these variables, but we just read the content of variable that is on first row...

    Thanks again!

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    Default Re: Doubt: Reading the contents of variables on "ZENONEMPFANGEN" table

    The SQL driver does read more than one row. Actually when the row has been successfully read, it is deleted from the table. (depending on the setting "Redundancy") If a row is not deleted although the variable is requested (e.g. displayed in a picture) there probably is a read error, for some reason. (Usually indicated by a red square at the element in the picture where this variable is linked)

    One reason could be that a value in this row for some column is invalid.

    You can use the diagnosis viewer, to check out the log-files if there is an error from the SQL driver. (the diagnosis viewer can be started either from the zenOn startup tool, or from the program folder in the start menu (e.g. COPA-DATA\Tools 6.22)

    You can either open the historical log-files, or view online messages from the runtime / the SQL driver.

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    nuno_duarte Gast

    Default Re: Doubt: Reading the contents of variables on "ZENONEMPFANGEN" table

    Ok Mark!
    Your clarifications have been very important to us.
    We will continue to work on our project and then we will give you feedback about this issue.
    Thanks one more time for your help.

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