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Thread: Configuration of Wpf Element

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    Default Configuration of Wpf Element

    Hello Everybody

    I am using one Bar graph Horizontal Wpf element which is downloaded from zenon
    web site. I want to assign variable to that wpf element.

    I want only min & max range on wpf element i don't want mid range which is shown on element.

    I want to convert value range of wpf element to variable range which is going to be assign.

    And can we customize the wpf slider color according to the assigned variable for example if variable value goes low or low low then i want that slider color should show in red or any other color is it possible?
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    Default Re: Configuration of Wpf Element

    You can try this enhanced Version of the Bargraph. Here you can add up to 10 Values, which would be stacked, if you use multiple Values.
    To connect a Variable link it to a Value(e,g. Value1->Value)
    However you can set a Min and a Max Value(min->Value,MaxValue->Value). Additonally you can define a Color for the shown Value
    (e.g. Value1->Tag), you can link constant String like "Red" "Blue" (Standart Microsoft ColorEnum or HexString like "#FF00FF"). You can also try to link a dynmic string to the TagProperty to Change the Color dynamically.

    Best Regards
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