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Thread: modify Scheduler with VBA

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    rloureiro Gast

    Default modify Scheduler with VBA

    Sorry Mark one more question please!

    Let me describe the steps that i have done.

    1- I created the variable that i will use in the scheduler(Editor).
    2- Then i created the switching point in the scheduler (Runtime).
    3- Now what i want to do is to change the switch point (e.g. change the execution hour) in the scheduler without "touching" the scheduler element. I would like to do this with a VBA Script.
    Itīs possible? Could you tell me some more information please.
    Thanks one more time.

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    Default Re: modify Scheduler with VBA

    yes, you can modify the Scheduler via VBA. Please also see the VBA help for more information. Here you can find a small example:

    Sub sched_change()
    Dim myPfsGroup As PfsGroup
    ' Group 0 is the schedule of the Scheduler
    Set myPfsGroup = thisProject.Pfs.Groups.Item(0)
    If (Not myPfsGroup Is Nothing) Then
        Dim mySchedItem As PfsSchedule
    'Schedule item 0
        Set mySchedItem = myPfsGroup.Schedules.Item(0)
    End If
    If Not (mySchedItem Is Nothing) Then
        Dim mySched As PfsSchedule
    'Scheduler Item 0 is the day for Monday in the schedule
        Set mySched = mySchedItem.Schedules.Item(0)
    End If
    If (Not mySched Is Nothing) Then
        Dim mySchedTimeOn As PfsScheduleTime
    'in this case (Switch On / Switch Off), item 0 is the start time for the first time
        Set mySchedTimeOn = mySched.ScheduleTimes.Item(0)
        Debug.Print mySchedTimeOn.Time
        mySchedTimeOn.Time = "01.01.1970 09:20:00"
        Debug.Print mySchedTimeOn.Time
        Dim mySchedTimeOff As PfsScheduleTime
    'in this case (Switch On / Switch Off), item 0 is the end time for the first time
        Set mySchedTimeOff = mySched.ScheduleTimes.Item(1)
        Debug.Print mySchedTimeOff.Time
        mySchedTimeOff.Time = "01.01.1970 09:22:00"
        Debug.Print mySchedTimeOff.Time
    End If
    End Sub

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    rloureiro Gast

    Default Re: modify Scheduler with VBA

    Iīm gone test the example that you give and thank you for the excellent help.

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    Join Date

    Default Re: modify Scheduler with VBA


    Is it possible for you to provide an example to read data from the schedule, like Switch on off times and dates?

    Thank you in advance

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