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Thread: OPC Tag issue

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    Hi Support,

    While observing an OPC tag created by Zenon OPC Server, I am unable to discover the OPC Channel name and device name.

    Can you please advise that if I am seeing a complete OPC Tag from a Zenon OPC Server, how will I distinguish which part belongs to Channel name and which one belongs to Device name as per OPC DA Specification.


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    Hi Shikra,

    The OPC Item name or tag name in the zenon OPC DA server corresponds exactly to the variable name as it is used in the zenon project.

    If you need to have specific information included, you need to name the variables in zenon accordingly.

    Can you tell me which part of the OPC DA specification you are referring to?
    What do you mean with channel name and device name?

    In chapter 6.1 the Item Definition (ItemID) is explained, where it states that the Item Definition is server specific. It gives an example that the OPC server may include e.g. com port or station number, but this is not a definition.

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: OPC Tag issue

    Hi Mark,

    OPC DA 2.0 is the specification we are referring to.

    The OPC Tag shown by an OPC Server of Zenon has the Tag name starting with the name of the Project. I want to know that this name of the Project refers to which part, the Channel name or Device Name.

    Regarding the OPC Channel name, it is the name defined by the OPC Server for a Logical channel existing within it. Similarly the Device name also corresponds to a logically defined device that will contain the variables (tags).

    When an OPC Server shows the data to an OPC Client, the tag names are preceded by Channel and Device name. In case of Zenon OPC Server, only one name precedes the variable tag names, I want to know that this name is for channel or device because it is either of them, and the 2nd one is absent.

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