Hi Mark,

Thank you for your ideas for my last question, they really helped me

Now I have another problem

I need to make a day report with the sum of some values from the process. I have a basic archive where the values are stored each day and I have configured a following archive, so each day I will have the sum of the values into them.

The basic archive has triggered scanning in order to avoid INVALID values. The following archive is evacuated into a SQL database.

Only for testing the configuration, I have temporary set the saved cycle for the basic archive in 5 minutes. The problem is that when I start the Runtime, or when the values are not changed into the interval of five minutes I get invalid values into the following archive.

The values into the basic archive are correctly stored without invalid values. If they change some times during the five minutes, the following archive makes the correct operation, but when they stayed with the same value during this interval, after five minutes I get INVALID values (0) into the following archive. And it happens the same when the runtime is started.

My first question is if this is normal... This status into the following archive when it has no value - changed to make another operation.

The second question is, of course, how can I solved it. I know that in the report generator I can use some functions to show the data from the archive depending on their status. The problem is that I have to get the data from the SQL datatbase (with sqldao), so I need to avoid that values.

I hope you can help me... Again

Thank you,
Best regards,