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    rloureiro Gast

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    Hi people:

    My question is about Runtime and Schedule.
    Itīs possible create one variable in runtime and write this variable in schedule?
    I want define one variable that contain one hour and write this variable in the schedule, this hour must be defined in runtime and then i want write the the name of variable in schedule's column that match the hour defined in runtime.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm not sure if I completely understand what you need or what you want to do. However, I hope this answers your question:

    You can create a switching point in the runtime, in the scheduler window. At the switching point you can select an existing variable to write. Either a boolean (on/off) or an analog value. For the switching point you can specify on which day, and at which time of the day, this action (switching point) is executed. In the tooltip of this switching point, you can see the day, the time of the day, the name of the variable and the value to be written. Not only can you link variables, but you can also link functions, which are then executed at the specified time. (e.g. print a report)

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    It is not possible to create new variables in the runtime. What you can do is create a variable in the editor, and reload the runtime. This way the changes are accepted without closing the runtime.

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    rloureiro Gast

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    Thank You Mark and regards!

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