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Thread: Non-redundant/Cold backup server

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    Default Non-redundant/Cold backup server

    Currently we have a working project with one Zenon Server/Client on one machine, operating a substation with multiple IEC-104 and 61850 devices.
    We have to add additional Client/ Second operator station and I am investigating the options to add additional/stand by server on that second PC.

    The problem is, that I can not configure second connection to all clients/PLC/ for the standard software redundancy option.

    Is there a way to have the stand-by server running without PLC connection, and enable this connections if the main one is offline? I realize, that some data can be lost, but for this project this is acceptable.

    Another possibility is to have the main server work in network mode with two clients and prepare some simple instruction how to manually start a server on the back-up pc if the main server fails and goes offline for repairs.

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    If you have zenon version >= 7.00 then you can activate at the drivers the option
    "Stop at the Standby Server"

    Check out also the help documentation on this
    Drivers -> IEC870 -> Configuration -> Settings in the driver dialog -> General

    Setting for redundancy at drivers which allow only on communication connection. For this the driver is stopped at the Standby Server and only started at the upgrade.

    Attention: If this option is active, the gapless archiving is no longer guaranteed.

    Active: Sets the driver at the not-process-leading Server automatically in a stop-like state. In contrast to stopping via driver command, the variable does not receive status switched off but an empty value. This prevents that at the upgrade to the Server irrelevant values are created in the AML, CEL and Historian.


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    Default Re: Non-redundant/Cold backup server

    Unfortunately the project is running on zenon 6.51, I just checked and it seems that the above mentioned options are not available.
    Would you suggest to update to the newer version or this is not preferable. I have not done this update anywhere so I do not know if I would expect some trouble.

    Also, if there is another idea I will appreciate it.

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