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Thread: Structures and Variable Definition question/suggestion

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    flajoso Gast

    Default Structures and Variable Definition question/suggestion

    Hi all!

    My question regards the Structure Type Variables.
    When i make a structure called for example "Motor" with three elements - "Speed,Temperature,State" - and after i assigne the variables in the variable table, calling the structure (eg: Motor1.) i cannot change the strucure type anymore.. if i need to add one more element to the structure (e.g: "Torque"), this element will be displayed in the variable table (under "Motor1") but i cannot assign it.
    The way we manage this was deleting the variable "Motor1" and creating it again calling the new "Motor" structure wit the four elements.
    Am i doing something wrong or the structure variable update is not possible?
    Well, this is my question or maybe suggestion. Keep up the good work and this nice forum!

    Thanks in advance,


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    the new element added at the structure datatype is actually added to the variable, however it is added inactive. This is done deliberately, to prevent e.g. 200 variables from being created automatically in zenOn at all instances of a structure, if it might only be needed at one single instance.

    However you can very easily activate this / these variable(s) at the structure variable in the list through the context menu. After it has been activated, you can use it in zenOn.

    Click image for larger version

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    If you want to activate all non-activated items in your project automatically, you could for example also run a small VBA macro in the zenOn editor, which goes through all variables in the project and activates the variable if it is not active.

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    flajoso Gast

    Default Re: Structures and Variable Definition question/suggestion


    Thanks a lot Mark! And sorry for this 'newbie' questions!

    Best regards!

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