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Thread: Time control function - interval

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    Default Time control function - interval

    Hi copadata,
    I have one archive and I want to start archiving variables in this arhive every day at 08.00AM and to stop archiveing at 11.00AM, I have made function "Archive:start" and "archive:stop" and connect thiese functions to time control function "cyclic from that day on" and there is no
    possibilty to chouse interval one day, max is 23.59.59 so my question is there some way to make this in other way and if not will it start everyday at 7.59 or with days will begine one sec earlier 7.58 next day 7.57 .. ?

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    Hi geleto21,

    Have you tried the setting "from that day"?

    This allows you to create two time control functions that are executed at the specified time on the days selected, starting from the day / time specified.

    One would start the archive, the other would stop the archive.

    Best regards,

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    Hi Mark,
    Thank you for the support, it works with "form that day" time control function .
    My confusion comes from missing "cyclically" infront of "from that day"

    Best regards
    Angel Markov

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