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    I have a problem with displaying the numerical values ​​of tags whose current value depend of others tags values (equivalent to MULTIPLEX TAG in Wincc Flex).

    In Wincc Flex I have numerical value which is multiplex tag (internal tag--Float_f.e. tagA).
    For that tag I defined "Index tag" tagB,and multiplex list which consists of several tags that are numbered (0,1,2,...----tag1,tag2,tag3,...).
    TagA will be replaced by a tag from multiplex list in runtime depending of current value of Index tag (0,1,2,...).

    How to do it in Zenon?

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    Hi tihomir,

    I'm not familiar with Multiplex tags or WinCC Flex for that matter, but maybe someone else here has some experience with this?

    It sounds like this could be solved with variables from the mathematics driver, where you can specify a formula. This is however defined statically in the editor, so you would need to create a formula variable for each calculation.

    I hope this points you into the direction of a possible solution.

    Best regards,

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    exchaning the addressing of the variables in the runtime (thats more or less what multiplexing does - as far as i know) is not directly possible in zenon.

    what you have to do is to create all necessary datapoints from the plc as variables in zenon. if you want to exchange i.e. variables in a detailed screen (i.e. pop-up displaying parameters from "Motor1" and you want to exchanges those variables with those from "Motor2" then you can use the substitution of variables at the screen switch function.

    please have a look into the help documentation at:
    Manual -> Screens -> Edit screen element -> Replace link of variables and functions -> Replace link at screen switch
    Manual -> Screens -> Edit screen element -> Replace link of variables and functions -> Replace indices


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