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Thread: How can i duplicate VSTA ProjectAddin

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    Default How can i duplicate VSTA ProjectAddin


    i've 25 ZenOn projects in the editor.
    i've a VSTA ProjectAddin in one of this project with many .cs files.

    i want to duplicate the VSTA in all the projects.

    is it possible to duplicate quickly the VSTA project? (by copying files? import/export? other?)


    do I have to go into each project and manually create all cs files in the editor VSTA project?

    thx for ur help.

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    Default AW: How can i duplicate VSTA ProjectAddin


    probably the nicest way to do this is by modifying the project addin template. You can find them in %cd_system%\VSTATemplates\

    The code when creating the ProjectAddin is stored in the Project file (regarding the version number). You probably noticed that everytime you create a new project, there is already some code in it - this code is defined in the template which is shipped by the development - but as they are basically just zipped, you are able to modify the templates.

    You can open the zip and modify the code. Then, everytime when you create a new VSTA project (first time you try to open the ProjectAddin in a zenon project), the template is copied into your project folder.

    best regards,

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    Default Re: How can i duplicate VSTA ProjectAddin

    OK ! thx

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