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Thread: Comm.Failure and related animation

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    Dear All,

    When the communication failure is happen, I am getting the small red rectangle at right side corner of the Numerical value display. At the same time, Is it possible to make any one of the internal Boolean variable to "True"...?

    Best Regards,

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    Hi A.Navaneet,

    Yes, that can be done through a reaction matrix, and a "write set value" function.

    In case of a communication error, the red square that you see at the element is an indication that the "INVALID" statusbit is active for the variable. (the red square is also displayed when the variable statusbit "OFF" is active or the variable statusbit "ALT_VAL" is active)

    Every variable in zenon not only has a value and a timestamp, it also has 64 statusbits.

    The statusbits can be evaluated e.g. with a reaction matrix. Simply create a reaction matrix, create a new status, evaluate for the INVALID bit = 1, and link the function to write your boolean variable. Then link this reaction matrix to one of the variables from your PLC.

    You would probably want to create another function to set the internal variable to "0" when the INVALID bit is set to "0" again when the communication issue is resolved.

    If you just want to generate an alarm, you can do this straight from the reaction matrix, and no internal boolean variable would be necessary.

    If you just want to display the communication error in the screen, you don't need a reaction matrix or a boolean variable.

    You can use the combi element in this case, and display a text or symbol, when the INVALID bit of the linked variable = 1

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: Comm.Failure and related animation

    Thank you mark.
    Now I have done that animation.

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