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    yara Gast

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    Hello Support

    i have one project and the client asked me to make one trend screen with buttons which can show trending of value for one hour, week, month...etc, and to give a specific date or time and display trending within it... is that possible in zenon?

    please find attached pic for one of the projects using different software showing options which i am talking about.

    Thanks in advance....

    Click image for larger version

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    Hi Yara,

    Yes, such trends are also possible in zenon. When you have the demo projects installed, there are quite a few examples where the "Extended Trend Module" is used. Have a look at these examples, and at the online help for the extended trend.

    The buttons for one day, one week, one month could be each opening the same extended trend screen (screen switch function) with different filter settings. Alternatively, you could also use the time filter screen type.

    Best regards,

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    yara Gast

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    thanks for your support...
    do i need to archive data which i want to show in trends?

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    Hi Yara,

    Yes, the data collection and storage is separate from the trending. The trend screen can display either online data, data from the variable ringbuffer, data from the archives in the historian and data from block arrays for special trends.

    The archives in the historian allow configuration of following archives. This way you can configure a base archive. Then a following archive with average values e.g. every 30 minutes. Then another archive with average values every 1 day, then another following archive with average values every 1 month.

    The above is just one example, you can configure data recording according to your needs, and then display this data in the extended trend.

    Best regards,

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