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    I have an OPC driver configured called TC1.CCInt.H23 I want to change this to TC2.CCInt.H23. When I try it's greyed out in the properties box and it won't allow me to select it. How do I do this?


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    Hi conradsmith,

    The driver identification cannot be changed directly. It is normally specified at the time that the driver is created and is read-only from that moment on.

    What you can do however, is make note of the current driver configuration settings.

    Then from the context menu select "exchange driver", and from the driver selection list, select the OPC client driver again. In this same dialog, specify the new identification of the driver.

    Then reopen the driver configuration, and reconfigure the configuration options according to the old driver.

    Note1: before you start, please make sure to create a project backup
    Note2: when you don't use the variable name as the OPC item name, and browse in the driver itself, more steps would be required

    Best regards,

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