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    Hi Everybody,

    Am using zenon v7.00 I have installed zenon application and zenon webserver in same pc.Also configured in global_vars,js and host file .both zenon application and webserver are v7.00.when I open internet explorer in webserver am getting error attached in snap shot. Please guide me how to solve this problem.
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    did the splash screen appeared? Have you installed the zenon Webclient too?

    Best regards

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    Hello Josefm
    Thanks for reply

    No. I have installed web client in another machine.

    I would like to know basic setting to do the connection between zenon web server
    and zenon web client.

    I have installed zenon application(editor& runtime) and Zenon webserver in same pc.

    I have created one project in zenon editor and open the runtime. I want to check in webserver so I have open (c:\intpub\configwwwroot\zenon\init.htm)with internet explorer it is not opening and showing page as I already attached.

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    there is not much you need to do:
    In your constellation (Web Server + RT on one PC) you simply have to start your project (running as a network project with your PC as server) on this PC.

    Then you need to adapt the file:
    (Enter the project name, your PC as RT server and your PC as Web Server)

    Start the Web Server.

    On the Web Client PC simply navigate to
    then your Web Client should start.

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