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Thread: We need further information about web server on zenOn...

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    nuno_duarte Gast

    Cool We need further information about web server on zenOn...

    Iīm part of a team that will develope a project using zenOn on a local enterprise. Rloureiro is a member of this forum and he is part of that team too.
    As he said we are exploring some features of zenOn and right now he want know more about the web server incorporated on zenOn. The zenOnīs version that we are working is the 6.22 SP0 Build0 and one of their basisīs features is the incorporation of a web server on it.
    We donīt have the professional version, we only have the default.
    We read the manual of web server but we donīt understand some things and we are not seeing the right way to configure the server and also the client.
    We believe that on our local network that configuration will be easy to do and maybe zenOn can do it "automatically". But when i am on a different network and want to access the server where project is running, we donīt know how to do it! Of course that we know that the client will be the browser but we donīt know the url to estabilish the connection to the server?? And on server side, where is the page that will response to the clients requests? It exists? We need to create it?
    Sorry about the size of the post.
    Thanks in advance,

    Nuno Duarte

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    Default Re: We need further information about web server on zenOn...

    Hello Nuno Duarte,

    No need to be sorry for long posts! I'll try to answer all of your questions.

    The zenOn webserver acts as a gateway between a zenOn runtime server, and an internet-client (also called web-client). The webserver opens up a listening socket "1102" to which the web-client connects to. The webserver must be running on a PC, which can be accessed from another network (or from the internet). The location where this PC runs, is usually called "DMZ". Meaning between the "unsafe" internet, and the local network. This PC is normally reachable via it's IP-Address from any other computer connected to the other network or to the internet.

    In the case the webserver runs on a PC in the DMZ, the webclient would connect to the IP-Address of the PC on port 1102 which can be accessed from the internet. The webserver will accept the connection from the web-client and will forward the traffic to the appropriate runtime server in the local network, in order to establish a client connection.

    An alternative solution, is called port-forwarding. The router which connects a network to the internet, may provide a firewall and also a feature called port-forwarding. This can forward requests from any (or only selected) remote computers on a specific port, to a PC in the local network. So in this case the webclient would connect to the router or the internet access point, and any traffic inbound on port 1102, will be forwarded by the router to the PC in the local network, where the webserver is running.

    The web-client will provide the information about which runtime-server, and which project to connect to, to the webserver, by means of parameter.

    These few parameter can be very easily handed over to the webclient, by simly opening a small html file, wich could be located either on the local hard-drive where the web-client is installed, or provided by a web-server (Apache / IIS / ...) This webserver could also be the PC running in the DMZ, providing a company login or a homepage.

    These parameter include:

    - webserver: (where is the webserver, to which the webclient must connect to hand over the other parameter, reachable) This can be either a URL or it can be a IP-Address.
    - runtime server: this is handed over to the webserver. To which zenOn runtime server must forward the webserver these requests to. (there could be more runtime-server in the local network for several zenOn projects)
    - project: which zenOn project does the webclient request from the runtime server (there could be more than one zenOn project running on one runtime server)

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    nuno_duarte Gast

    Default Re: We need further information about web server on zenOn...

    Hello, Mark!
    Thanks for clarifications!
    I think that i understood what you said..
    As we said, we only have the default web server, so we have to build a web client page with those parameters that you said in order to establish the connection with zenOn web server which will make the gateway between zenOn runtime server and our web client page.
    Basically is this and tell me if iīm wrong! Thanks!
    As you said, port 1102 is used by the zenOn web server to listening clientīs requests. But when i type "netstat -a" on command line of Windows i donīt see it open, only 1100, 1101 and 1103 ports....

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    Default Re: We need further information about web server on zenOn...

    could you check in the control panel at the webserver icon, if the webserver is running? If it is not running, it will not open port 1102. If it still has a demo license, it will run only time-limited and end automatically.

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    nuno_duarte Gast

    Default Re: We need further information about web server on zenOn...

    I saw at control panel, but i donīt see any web server icon....because we have commited a mistake! Sorry! We thought that these feature was incorporated on installation cd, but we were wasnīt!
    My apologies for that and thank you to your patience!
    We are now downloading the web server setup from CopaData site.

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