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Thread: Write value on login/out

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    Hi, I'm using zenOn version 7.1. Is there a way I can write a value or tag to another tag (PLC) once the user logs in (above level 0) or logs out? I was looking for a place to put a function when these 2 things happen, but can't see any. Then I thought about allocations, but I don't see a way to trigger it.


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    Hi Denis,

    The system driver allows creating variables that show the user name, the user full name and the user authorization levels 1-4.

    When no user is logged in, the system driver variable for the user full name shows "SYSTEM".

    You can use a string reaction matrix, and create a condition that is not equal to SYSTEM, and link a function to this condition. Then link this string reaction matrix to the system driver variable, and it will be executed when a user logs in.

    You can expand your reaction matrix, and compare against different user names, or user authorization levels, to execute different functions.

    Another feature that may also be interesting for you, are the runtime profiles. You can link either a default runtime profile to a user, or link the last user profile to this user. When the user logs in, the selected profile is applied, and screens are restored to either the default for this user, or the last state.

    I hope this provides some helpful ideas.


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